Adirondack Mountains


Adirondack Mountains

“Going to the mountains is going home.” – John Muir

Endless possibilities for adventure or just plain rest and relaxation (ever heard of forest bathing?) await you in the largest state park in the lower 48. You can go as off the grid as the van will take you. Hike a beginner trail or challenge yourself to some high peaks adventures. Either way, there’s a promise of a stunning view no matter where you end up and you may even stumble upon a ghost town or moose if you venture deep enough into the wild. There is no shortage of campgrounds in every area of the park – between Lake Placid, Lake George, Saranac, the Fulton Chain, and more, you are bound to find something you will never forget. Just be sure that as soon as you enter the park, roll down those windows and take in that fresh pine air.